Saturday, February 23, 2013

Cool stuff of the week

Who knew that leaves reflect near-infrared light like crazy?  Check out this amazing video of what our eyes can't see.

Cut spending.  Just don't cut anything.  Not one single item on the poll's long list had plurality support for spending cuts.  Two items - education and veterans' benefits - had majority support for spending increases.  16/19 items had more support for increases than cuts.

The Senate is a toss-up in 2014, as Democrats have to defend a large number of vulnerable seats they won in the 2008 landslide.  The 2016 election should again favor Democrats.

When 97% of experts and essentially every major scientific organization on earth disagrees with you, and 99.83% of published papers do not support your contention, you are either wrong or you are Galileo.  Hint:  You are not Galileo.

Awesome winning photos from the World Press Photography Awards.